Apple Spaceship campus shown with Aerial Video


A New video on YouTube is giving the public a preview of Apple Inc.’s new spaceship-like campus under construction in Cupertino.

The video was filmed by Bay Area resident Jason McMinn who used a quadcopter and a GoPro video camera,

The video shows how the 2.8-million-square-foot project is already taking on its futuristic final form, with pieces of its rebar skeleton circling the giant dirt lot.

Apple received final approval for construction on the 176-acre site in November by the Cupertino City Council. The complex is projected to house 14,200 employees.

Described as a spaceship-like building by Apple’s late chief executive Steve Jobs — who pitched the project to Cupertino officials in 2011 — the campus is projected to be four stories, house its own green-energy power plant and be densely landscaped.

When it’s finished, the building will rival the Pentagon in terms of size.

3 million people have viewed the video so far, we use the same technology to expose your home to the public.

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